Instrument cluster removal

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Instrument cluster

To remove the instrument cluster, the surrounding instrument cluster trim must be removed first. In some cases it is also necessary to remove the steering wheel, but normally there should be just enough clearance to take the instrument cluster out of the dashboard without removing the steering wheel.

Adjust the steering wheel to its lowest position and furthest towards the driver to gain more clearance to remove the instrument cluster trim. Locate and undo the two screws above the instrument cluster that secure the trim. Even after removing the screws the instrument cluster trim is still held in place by two hidden plastic retaining tabs – one on each side nearby the switches. Grab the trim on the top and pull as if trying to fold down. This should disengage the retaining tabs. Once the tabs are disengaged, the instrument cluster trim is loose. Pull the trim as far away as the wiring of the switches allows, then disconnect all switches. Note that all connectors have retaining tabs. The large connector on both light switches may be very tight. If necessary, use a large flat-bladed screwdriver to help dislodge these connectors. Once disconnected, the instrument cluster trim can be removed from the vehicle.

With the trim out of the way, locate the two screws on top of the instrument cluster that secure the unit to the dashboard. Undo the screws. Before proceeding, cover the steering column with a soft towel to prevent scratching the glass of the instrument cluster upon removal. Slightly lift the instrument cluster to release it from the two slots it sits in and pull towards the driver, then tilt to get access to the backside. Locate the connector on the backside, release its locking lever and unplug. Now pry out the instrument cluster from between the dashboard and steering wheel. If there is not enough clearance to remove the instrument cluster, it will be necessary to remove the steering wheel as well.