Avago Technologies HSMD-C170

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The very small package and extremely wide viewing angle make the Avago Technologies HSMD-C170 light-emitting diode an excellent choice for many applications where space is a concern and where an even illumination is required. The brightness of only 8 mcd is rather dim, but in its field of application it is usually sufficient. Thanks to its BMW orange color, the HSMD-C170 is suitable for upgrading instrument illumination in classic BMW vehicles. The very small dimensions make it somewhat more difficult to handle and solder.

Avago Technologies HSMD-C170

  • Package: 2 mm SMT 0805
  • Wavelength: 605 nm BMW orange
  • Viewing angle: 170°
  • Luminous intensity: 8 mcd
  • Forward current: 20 mA
  • Forward voltage: 2.2 V
  • Datasheet (258 KiB)

In case the LED is not available in a local electronic components store, try the large electronic components retailers:

Avago Technologies HSMD-C170: Welcome to the world of miniature SMT components